Baggy Blues Tour

RAMHP was thrilled to again support the NSW Baggy Blues Cricket Tour across the state in March 2023. This year, the tour took in the towns and surrounding communities of Mudgee, Ballina and Wagga Wagga.

Promoting mental health awareness, these events bring cricket to rural communities and aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness; increase knowledge of what mental health resources are available; and help build community spirit.

Northern NSW RAMHP Coordinator, Steve Carrigg said the events in his region provided a much-needed boost to community morale after devastating floods last year.

Nepean Blue Mountains RAMHP Coordinator, Sonia Cox said it was great to hear from such prominent sports people and learn that they too struggle with their mental health. This helps to break down stigma and get us all talking about it. It was especially great to see some of the former female cricketers in attendance. They gave a different and equally important perspective to the night.

There was such a great atmosphere of comradery and community at each of these events and RAMHP are so proud to support such a valuable initiative.