Big Map Exercise

Our Nowra based RAMHP Coordinator, Jamie Rose recently attended a community event in the Conjola area with Disaster Relief Australia (DRA).

DRA is a non-profit organisation that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams in the wake of disasters. Leveraging their military expertise and commitment to service, DRA members provide critical support in the areas of disaster relief and recovery, such as debris management, damage assessments and reconstruction services.

One of DRA’s innovative tools is their Big Map exercise. The Big Map is a strategic initiative that uses advanced mapping technology to enhance the effectiveness of response efforts. This tool allows DRA to assess damage, identify areas of need, and efficiently allocate resources in real-time during disaster operations. By integrating detailed geographic data and real-time updates, the Big Map helps to streamline decision-making processes, ensuring that help is directed where it is most needed quickly and effectively. This project not only improves operational efficiency but also significantly impacts the effectiveness of the relief efforts by ensuring timely and targeted responses.

The Big Map exercise was effectively employed to unite the community in the Conjola area, which had been severely affected by bushfires and flooding. This tool facilitated direct communication between community members and disaster response organisations, providing residents with the opportunity to voice their needs and concerns. The primary objective was to collaborate closely with the community to provide tailored support, while respecting the autonomy and expertise of the local residents.

Find out more about the Big Map exercise and Project Resilience here.