Creative Recovery

By RAMHP Coordinator, Jamie Rose


During the 2020 bushfires, 80% of the Shoalhaven was burned. With fires burning for 74 days straight, there was immense devastation. Homes were destroyed, livestock lost and many businesses were directly impacted.

The Shoalhaven Recovery Hub is open on Thursdays and Fridays for all of the interagency groups to come together and be available for whoever needs us. It makes it so much easier for the residents that we can all be found in the same location.

It’s been a great way to have a laugh together, and still provide access to support services. It’s also been an extremely beneficial way for residents to get together and share information among themselves.

I have had a number of community members say that they prefer to come to the Hub because they know our names, they know we will be there, and it has helped them feel less like a number. They know who they’re speaking to and if they want to chase up an inquiry they can come in and speak to someone they know, someone who remembers them. I think after the trauma of the bushfires, floods, covid, dealing with insurance companies, building companies etc, it has made many people feel like a number, that nobody actually cares. Having the Hub changes that.

And whilst the Hub is about accessing services, it’s also about community connection inspired by creativity with interactive activities on offer, such as decoupage, painting, high tea and more!

Find out more about the Shoalhaven Recovery Hub here.