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The Land


Glove Box Guide to Mental Health 

RAMHP has been working in partnership with The Land since 2012 with the aim of bringing mental health messages to rural communities. One of the initiatives developed is a special publication distributed annually through The Land newspaper called Glove Box Guide to Mental Health.

The need for the publication was identified by rural journalists who occasionally found themselves as accidental counsellors when working in rural communities. It became apparent that a resource shining a light on mental health is relevant to The Land’s readership, and provides a valuable community service.

The distribution of the publication reaches over 125,000 readers in NSW and beyond each year plus 30,000 through our team and stakeholders.

The Glove Box Guide provides vital tips and information about simple and effective strategies to promote and maintain mental health. It also features a number of personal stories from people who have experienced symptoms of mental illness and their journeys to recovery; as well as links to services where people can get help.

To view past editions of the Glove Box Guide to Mental Health, please click here.

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