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Tough Enough

This February and March Narrabri is going to be undertaking a ‘Tough Enough’ mental fitness campaign project. The project aims to increase mental health knowledge, reduce stigma around help-seeking behaviour and create a positive culture around proactively managing our mental health.

We know Narrabri people, like country people generally, are a tough bunch; strong, resilient and hardy. We work in a tough environment where it can be challenging to look after ourselves, manage our stress and ask for help when we struggle. However we know it takes courage to see when we or others are struggling; it also takes real courage to speak up, start a conversation or ask for help.

So we want to challenge each and every one of you… Are You Tough Enough? 

  • Are you tough enough – to look after yourself?
  • Are you tough enough – to notice the signs someone is struggling?
  • Are you tough enough – to talk about it?
  • Are you tough enough – to encourage your mates to help?
  • Are you tough enough to ask for help yourself?

You will see posters, social media videos, information in The Courier, Narrabri High School and community group workshops, education opportunities (Community Support Skills and Mental Health First Aid) and a community-wide event with Gus Worland all popping up to build the information and knowledge you have to better support yourself, your familiesyour mates and your community. 

This project is facilitated by RAMHP and Highway to Well in collaboration with fantastic partners such as Gotcha4Life and Tomorrow Man/Woman, Narrabri High School, Narrabri Rugby Club, Narrabri Soccer Club, Narrabri Women’s Shed, Narrabri Country University Centre and local service organisations.

Weekly Blogs

Written by RAMHP Coordinator Letitia Cross, these weekly blogs feature in The Courier and talk about mental health, mental illness and being ‘tough enough’.


You can  access these resources (and more) by clicking on the links below:








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