Taking care of your mental health during drought

The impact of drought extends far beyond the environment and economy, effecting the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, not just within agriculture, but throughout the broader community and industries.

Your local RAMHP Coordinator can help to provide information and support locally, as well as offering a variety of training options. We have also put together a range of downloadable resources below that may be helpful at this time. Or, jump straight to our full suite of resources.

Need help now? There is a list of services available for urgent support.

S2 E1 Coping with Drought

In this episode we discuss the issue of drought, the importance of staying connected and how to access support.

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S4 E5: Decision making and stress

In this episode we explore the things we can do to minimise stress and help in the decision-making process.

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S4 E3: The environment and your mental health

In this episode you'll hear about ‘Environmental Anxiety’. What is it and how can it impact our mental wellbeing?

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S4 E4: Spotlight - Helping the Helpers

In this episode you'll find out why community participation is crucial for healthy communities and what you can do to combat compassion fatigue.

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