Aussie Hay Runners

Victorian based Aussie Hay Runners (AHR) are delivering fodder to those in need all over regional NSW. The drop off points provide a unique opportunity for RAMHP to engage with primary producers, as well as the truck drivers and volunteers.

Grafton based RAMHP Coordinator, Sam Osborne has been involved with AHR in the Clarence Valley and describes them as “an awesome crew, just angels.”

She says, “teaming up with AHR has been a great initiative on so many levels. Our RAMHP Coordinators are often on the ground at hay drop off points across NSW, ready to have a chat with local farmers. RAMHP resources are located in all the AHR trucks and can be distributed to those farmers who may be doing it tough and need some guidance about where to find help.”

“About 50 of the AHR Volunteer drivers will be completing RAMHP mental health training online. These volunteers are often the ones who are having conversations with farmers and it’s important they feel confident and have the right tools to support our rural communities,” says Sam.

RAMHP are proud to continue to support this important initiative.

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