PODCAST: Stress-onomics


Our Moree based RAMHP Coordinator, Letitia Cross talks to Ben Law, The Financial Bloke on Stress-onomics – Is stress and burnout impacting your profits?

Listen in now.



In this podcast episode, they talk:

Identifying Stress and Mental Health

– How do you recognize someone suffering from stress or mental health issues?

– Share statistics on the prevalence of mental health issues and the increasing trend of burnout.
– “Toughen Up” Mentality: Should we just adopt the “toughen up” approach?

Business Impacts of Stress

– We discuss the GRDC research paper on the actual costs of stress and mental health on rural production.
– We highlight the tangible effects on family life, succession plans, and overall business profitability.

Tools for Recovery

– What are some of the practical tools for individuals to overcome stress and mental health challenges?